This girl enthused almost 3 million people! Listen to her incredible voice, in one of the biggest hits by Adele

The world is full of charming and talented children, as shown by their appearances in numerous television programs such as talent shows. However, real talent, which is unique, is extremely rare. This gift was received by Olivia Kay; whose vocal abilities far outweigh her age.

Olivia is an ordinary girl that comes from Edmond, Oklahoma, whose life changed when at the age of 7 she began to publish videos, in which she performs famous hits of great singers. The talent and vocals of the girl are amazing, because the child has, for her age, a very strong and mature voice. In addition to this, she is very musical and you can see that singing is a genuine pleasure for her. Undoubtedly she will be a big star.

Olivia loves to sing and does it well.


The voice, which fate has bestowed Olivia is enviable even by adult singers, who have much more experience. Also pay attention to the maturity of the young artist, because she has chosen difficult and ambitious works, which are worldwide hits and not like children’s songs like “The itsy bitsy spider”. The girl is aware of her powerful voice, because she practices singing difficult compositions.

The girl chooses a very ambitious repertoire.


Each subsequent video, published by the girl and her parents, is gaining more views on YouTube. An absolute highlight is the performance of the song “Rolling in the Deep” from Adele’s repertoire. Everyone knows that the songs of the singer are very difficult and require a very smooth vocal apparatus, so it’s surprising that a 10-year-old child captured the song and published it on the Internet. The effect of this idea can be judged yourself.

Olivia Kay with the song “Rolling in the Deep” (Adele).