This girl hasn’t cut her hair since 2003! Her hairstyle today is impressive!

Long hair is considered an attribute of femininity, which is why many women grow their hair for many years, wanting to look like Rapunzel, the fairy tale princess who threw her braid to the prince so that he could climb up to her. This dream was achieved by a Russian woman.

Growing hair requires a lot of patience. Patience not only in the time you have to wait for the next inches of hair, but also necessary for its daily care, which is time consuming. Dashik Gubanova showed great perseverance in the pursuit of her dream hairstyle and for over 13 years she hasn’t cut her hair. As a result, her hair is about 59 inches long and looks amazing.


The Russian explicitly declares that her hair hasn’t been cut for years and is completely natural. She also announced that she will continue to grow it, until it reaches the ground. It’s not clear what will happen later, e.g. many people suggest that Dashik, after reaching her targeted length of hair, cut it off and sell it to benefit the production of wigs made for people suffering from cancer.

More than a decade is needed for hair to grow to knee-length.

Dashik is eager to show her impressive hairstyle off on social media. Internet users are delighted with her hair, complimenting the girl and admiring her perseverance and self-discipline. Of course, the women’s part of internet users in addition to admiration, feel jealousy, since what lady wouldn’t want to have such long hair, even for a week?

Her hair worn loose makes a great impression.

The Russian not only loves her long hair, but also having fun with fashion or makeup and would like those things to be a part of her future career. She writes that she’s creative and ready to pursue each goal she sets for herself. She’s also quite bold, because in some of the photographs she poses in rather naughty clothing.

One of the most comfortable hairstyles for such long hair is a braid.

You’ll find more photos of Dashik and her extra-long hair on the next three pages.



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