This Girl Lost Her Purse With A Wallet And A Credit Card. You Will Not Believe Who Gave Her His Last Money!

The woman in the picture is called Dominique Harrison-Bentzen. One day she lost her purse, where was her wallet and necessary things. She was standing alone at the station on a cold and rainy day. She could not go home because she had no money for a ticket.

She lived quite a few kilometres from where she stuck so she couldn’t just walk on foot. She has experienced such a situation for the first time. The girl totally did not know what to do. She stood and shivered with cold. Suddenly she saw a man walking toward her.

She was scared of him. He was wearing torn clothing, he was dirty and unshaven. She quickly realized that this is a homeless person looking for extra penny.


She instantly stood aside. To her surprise, the beggar didn’t ask for money. He took $ 4 out of his pocket and handed her with a smile.

“Take the money. Let you pay for a taxi and go home. Here is cold and dangerous,”- he said in a low voice.

The homeless admitted that he was collecting the money throughout the whole day. Dominique could not believe that the beggar scored to make such a gesture. He gave her his savings to let her come back to a warm and cosy home, and he stayed on the cold street.