This guy opens a coconut with his teeth in 15 seconds! Let’s hope he has a good dentist!

Coconuts have many medicinal properties, which they owe to a rare group of saturated fatty acids. It has been proven that this fruit helps in the fight against obesity, lowers cholesterol and prevents tooth decay. Apparently, it also combats staph infections, measles and the herpes virus. The beneficial applications of coconuts are many, so it’s worth satisfying your craving for food from time to time, with this delicious and healthy fruit.

To check if it’s suitable for consumption, it’s best to shake it lightly. When you hear sloshing, it means that you can go ahead and open it. If you have done it at least once in your life, you know perfectly well that this is not an easy task. The shell is very hard and it’s difficult to get inside.


The man from the following video doesn’t have the slightest problem with doing it. He completes this task within 15 seconds. He doesn’t use any other objects besides his teeth to do it. We do not recommend trying this at home!

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