This historic and elegant home costs just $105,000. Where’s the catch?

If the merchandise in a store is very cheap, it’s a sign that potential buyers should be very cautious when shopping. It’s no different with houses that hide many secrets which affect their attractiveness, and consequently the price.

In the town of Camden, New York is a beautiful house, built in the style of Queen Anne in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. The interior is very stylish, because the atmosphere from the past has been preserved. Currently, it’s up for sale with an asking price of $105,000, which is a very low amount. Why, despite such an attractive price, has this property stood empty for years? According to many people, the reason is because the house is haunted…


The house was built by a former priest, William H. Dorrance, later a wealthy owner of a factory. The property has a unique character, thanks to its round tower on the front wall and meticulous use of only the finest materials for the interior. This house was an expression of wealth in the time of its construction and was something to be proud of. Unfortunately, the building has a reputation of being haunted, which is why today it sits empty and destroyed.

The property is very impressive from the outside.
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Legends about the fact that the house is haunted have been around for a long time, but the case was brought up again when a pair of white hands in a window was captured by Google Street View. People believed that ghosts were marking their presence, but skeptics believed that it was a Halloween sticker and someone was trying to play a stupid joke. Nevertheless, everyone began avoiding the house even more.

Is it ghosts or a joke?
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The last time the house was bought, was in 2010 for 150 thousand dollars, but the new owners moved out faster than they moved in and never disclosed the reasons for their decision, which only fueled suspicions that the house is full of impure spirits. Since then, the property is waiting for a new owner, but no one is even thinking about owning it.

Do the white hands have something to do with why the most recent owners moved out?

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