This homeless dog spent the entire freezing winter wandering the streets. When help finally came, I couldn’t keep myself together

Almost every homeless dog has a problem with trust, it’s like they know that if they trust a human then it could not end up good for them. And sadly, many times such convictions come from negative experiences that the animal goes through, wandering the streets trying to survive. One of those dogs was Zuzi.

Abandoned by her owners, she spent the entire winter alone, without any shelter. Additionally, traumatic encounters with dogcatchers made her lose the rest of her trust for man.


Yet her fate had a chance for change, when she came to Howl of a Dog, a non-profit organization that rescues homeless dogs gets them used to a new life. You can see below how Ziz changed, when she realized that her new caregivers really do want to help her. But I’m warning you that the video is really touching!

Zuzi started to wag her tail again, as if she really wanted to believe that something could change in her life… but she was still untrusting. Thankfully it all ended well. See for yourselves :).