This homeless invented an occupation to avoid thinking of his sadness and poverty. Today, it brings him fortune. He’s worth millions!

You can never write off a man, because human fate is often very confusing, but also full of miracles. Sometimes people cannot cope with life, constantly looking for their place, which is not there. The reason for this is very often depression, which pushes people toward addiction and destroys their lives.

Unfortunately, it is all too often that people affected by this disease are treated by their family or friends as hypochondriacs. It makes you sick and destroys your life more and more. This was the case of Rafiti Khalil, who not so long ago was a homeless drug addict.


Today Khalil is a millionaire, but a few years ago he fought a drug addiction. He weighed only 48 kilos and lived in extreme poverty. It led him to depression. However, when he came to the assistance center, he wanted to fight for his life. The specialist advised him to find a job that would dissuade his thoughts from sadness and drugs.