This homeless woman died alone, but a huge crowd came to her funeral!

More than once have we wondered what we will leave behind, whether all this makes any sense, will there be anybody who will bury our remains and remember our name? Will anybody come to our funeral? Funerals of famous people arouse a lot of interest, sometimes the unhealthy kind – did people cry or not, what flowers did they bring…

Funerals of well-known people, even those from a small community, are attended by crowds of people, everyone wanting to say goodbye to the doctor who treated them a while back or the teacher who helped them draw their first letters.


But what about the people who are forgotten by others? The homeless, who only have themselves? When a homeless World War II veteran, Serina Vine died, her funeral was supposed to be attended by 4 people. However, everything changed when a retired Marine, William Jones, who worked at the cemetery and was planning to attend the funeral, sent a message to Major Jaspen Boothe asking her to take part in the funeral of a woman who fought for her country. The Major, without hesitation, promised to come, although she didn’t know the deceased. She decided to do something so that they wouldn’t be the only ones at the funeral.

Homeless veteran, Serina Vine, served in the Navy from 1944 to 1946. In 1995, she began to live on the streets of Washington, and then she lived in a veteran’s clinic. She died at the age of 91. Serina graduated university in 1954, spoke 3 languages fluently and loved to dance and go to church. But her fate led her not to a home of her own, but to spend her last days in an elderly care center.