This horse lays on the ground and pretends to be dead. You won’t believe why it behaves like this!

Each of us sometimes used an excuse to get away from tiresome responsibilities. Already as children, we’ve used different tricks to get out of going to school or to avoid doing a task given to us by our parents. The most common excuse was obviously illness and complications of various sorts related to it.

Parents were fooled more than once, but when they found out, we would have to suffer through stern punishment and next time, we wouldn’t be eager for similar lies. With children it’s easy, it’s harder with animals, who don’t understand verbal arguments and are sometimes more stubborn than people.

A horse from South Korea is especially cunning in getting out of work, by laying on the ground and pretending to be dead (he sometimes even has convulsions :p). He only gets up when the owner gives him a juicy carrot and then falls again and plays dead.
His caregiver isn’t upset by the unusual way the animal behaves. You can see that he knows him and what he’s capable of well.




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