This hungry dog grabbed a newborn with its mouth and did something no one was expecting! This story has a completely different ending…

A certain hungry and homeless dog was wandering the streets of Omanu (on the Arabian peninsula), when it made a very unordinary discovery. It found a three day old newborn, who was abandoned by its mother right after birth. Even though it was very hungry, it didn’t harm the baby.

It grabbed the baby with its mouth and took it to the nearest house, put the newborn on the stoop and started to bark loudly. When the alarmed residents came out to investigate what happened, they couldn’t believe their eyes. A large red dog stood before them and there was a newborn blue with cold laying under its feed. Not waiting a moment longer, they took the baby to the hospital, where it was given the appropriate care.

It’s amazing how good and intelligent animals can be. They are able to show more kindness and empathy than some people.




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