This husband didn’t want to help his wife in any way. She, instead of getting upset, gave him a lesson

Marriage is not easy, as you have to master the art of compromise even about the most uncomfortable things. The whole idea is based on love and mutual assistance. Problems arise when one party believes it does not need act anymore and can just remain passive. Either there is a quarrel then, or there come quiet days.

Sometimes it takes extreme measures to cut the situation. A certain wife took just this kind of measures.

man washing dirty dishes in the kitchen sink

While his wife was washing the dishes, her husband flipped through the channels on the TV. At one point she said:

– Honey, could fix the lamp in the hallway, it no longer works…

The husband didn’t even lift his eyes up from the TV and said:

– What am I, an electrician? I have no “Electrician” sign written on my back.

His wife did not give up:

– Maybe you could see the refrigerator door, it doesn’t close …

– Now I should be a specialist in refrigerators? You’re crazy. I do not know what to do. I have no “Fridge fixing man” sign written on my back. You’re quite a nuisance today so I’ll go to the bar and not wait for diner.

The woman stayed home. You will find out what happened next on the next page.