This image moved millions of Internet users! See what a discipline the dogs in the Chinese police academy have!

The following photograph sparked quite a stir among Internet users over the last few days . It shows six police dogs with bowls in their mouths. Pets are queued for a meal served by a Chinese coach. The photo was taken at the police academy for dogs in China. A group of five German Shepherds is led by a black Labrador at the head of the queue.

Military discipline applies to everyone, including animals, which have to submit to strict rules. They stand in a neat row so eagerly awaiting their hot meal.


The following photos show how the Chinese police train its dogs. Animals are donated to the academy already as puppies. They are known for their unusual courage. They detect bombs and drugs, catch criminals, and most importantly – fiercely defend their caregivers, not withdrawing even an inch from them!



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