This incredible friendship story will cheer you up and leave you smiling!

When we went to the zoo as children, we often imagined what it would be like to have the animals as our pets. Maybe spiders, lizards and snakes were not the first options, but lions, tigers and giraffes sure! Who wouldn’t want to be friends with a lion!

Valentin Gruener has befriended a young lioness. Their bond has become spectacle that millions of people love watching. It’s amazing!

Since Sigra was abandoned by the herd, she hadn’t learnt to hunt with other lions. Greuder spent many hours lying in the bushes and jumping into water to teach her.


Here he’s teaching her to wait with patience.


“When she killed her first antelope, it was the most beautiful day of my life because I realized that she could now cope in the wild”. She also caught a frog! She was so proud that she walked around with it in her mouth.

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