This is how a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 looks like! This girl was very lucky that nothing bad happened to her

Once mobile phones were only used for calling, yet today, they have a million other functions, so people do not part with them. Unfortunately, the pursuit of design and functionality makes smartphone manufacturers forget that the equipment should first of all be safe.

The problem of exploding smartphones has been in existence for quite some time. The most unpleasant incidents were reported involving Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, Rogue Galaxy Note 7, the Galaxy S III, but other documented cases of the explosion are the iPhones 6 and 7 and the Xiaomi Mi4c. Photos of damaged phones and burns of their owners quickly circled the internet, and now there is a recording showing an explosion.


The dangerous situation occurred in a Spanish store. A girl stood at the counter and spoke with a saleswoman at the counter, while her handbag lay beside her. At some point, there was an explosion. The woman immediately jumped while pitch-black smoke rose from her purse.

The problem in the exploding mobile phone is allegedly rooten in defective batteries.

The girl poured everything out of the bag to find the culprit and, of course, it turned out to be the phone: Samsung Galaxy Note 7. The young Spaniard was very lucky that she was not leaning on her bag or looking for something in it while the phone exploded. It is scary to even think about what tragedy could occur if the explosion happened during a phone call.

The phone may be small, but its explosion can cause considerable harm.