This is howFukushima looks 5 years after the tsunami, which destroyed the reactor at the nuclear power plant (21 photos)

Man won’t win with the forces of nature and its elements. The world every so often finds out about this the hard way when its individual regions are struck by earthquakes, floods, tsunamis or hurricanes.

One of the worst consequences of a natural disaster took place in March, 2011, when a massive tsunami swept across the Japanese islands. The earthquake that occurred at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, formed gigantic waves that were on average 30 feet in height, but waves of nearly 90 feet were reported as well. When the water reached the coast of Japan, it destroyed everything in its path, including the Fukushima nuclear power plant.


The Fukushima power plant was equipped with various safety measures to protect the equipment from natural disasters, including tsunamis and earthquakes. Unfortunately, the protective wall was too low to protect against the powerful tsunami waves, which caused the water to rush inland, destroying the nuclear reactors, and as a result causing the contamination of the surrounding areas, which will remain uninhabited for years.

Here are 21 images taken in Fukushima five years after the tragedy, which are a vivid reminder of the degree of damage and suffering that the Japanese people experienced at that time. 

1. Japanese security officials check people for signs of radiation until this day


2. This music store is now filled with an eerie silence


3. Once crowded stores today are covered with cobwebsy

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