This is what fruits and vegetables looked like before people began to grow them

Do you wonder why people centuries ago often suffered from hunger? This was because people then were only learning agriculture. As you know, now all grown fruits and vegetables lived and live as wild plants. Their fruit is smaller and fresh shorter.

And it isn’t about genetic changes, but the selection and variety of seeds by humans and planting them so as to ensure the best possible conditions. Human work has paid off in many plants. Thanks to the hard work of many generations, we can now enjoy delicious and large fruit.

1. Watermelon

In the seventeenth-century, a painting by Giovanni Stanchi shows a watermelon, which is completely different from those of today. In the big watermelon only a little flesh can be seen. Modern watermelons have a lot of sweet pulp that’s wonderfully refreshing.



2. Bananas

Bananas first appeared in the human menu about 10 thousand years ago. They had a large pit in the middle and were very hard. They can still be found in Papua New Guinea. Bananas that we eat every day now have little pits, and lots of nutritious pulp and nutrients.

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3. Eggplant

Wild plants hardly resemble the ones that we eat. it’s small and may have spikes. Selective breeding has allowed us to obtain large fruits with small seeds.

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