This is what life is like in Dubai! See photos that will surprise you!

Dubai is one of the most famous cities that attracts the world’s attention with innovative building solutions and with enormous wealth. For many people, it’s a true paradise on earth, and they find it hard to believe that it was just a patch of desert 50 years ago.

It’s all thanks to oil, which was first discovered in this area in the 60’s. The sheikhs are well aware that its deposits will get used up, so they invest in modern infrastructure, the development of tourism and the real estate sector.

See what life is like in this city. Would you like to move there?

The police drive pimped cars.

Driving a Ferrari or Lamborghini is normal for law enforcement officers.


On the streets of Dubai this is quite an ordinary sight.


These are roads from a bird’s eye view. It isn’t photoshopped!


There are modern buildings and interesting architectural solutions everywhere.

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