This is what medicine looked like a few decades ago! To say it was a nightmare is not enough! [WARNING: pictures are very disturbing]

Modern medicine is becoming even more high-tech and complicated year after year. New technologies, equipment, and diverse life saving and health beneficial inventions are being introduced. The amount of specialized doctors, surgeons and therapists grow every day.

Progress and innovative solutions have made difficult illnesses and disabilities easier to treat. Thanks to this, humanity is becoming healthier and happier, but it’s important to remember, that it wasn’t always this great. Our ancestors weren’t so lucky. Let’s go back in time and see how it all looked!

1. A few moments before operation (I think it’s a leg amputation). Ether is their form anaesthesia. It looks quite tragic!


2. Psychiatric hospital. Patients were tied in wet blankets, so they didn’t cause any trouble.


3. An old physical therapy cabinet. The faces of the patients say it all.