This judge knows how to make a criminal feel his guilt. Alyssa Morrow found out about it the hard way!

Crimes against animals are often punished disproportionately to the offense. Judges rule on them too gently, which in turn causes the prospective torturers of our smaller brothers to feel impunity and commit offenses which a normal person isn’t able to comprehend. But Judge Michael A. Cicconetti doesn’t let anyone get off lightly. Alyssa Morrow of Painesville, Ohio (USA) found out about it the hard way.

In September last year, the woman left her dog, bearing the name Moose, alone for a whole week in her closed house! In addition, without food, access to drinking water and in such conditions that cry out to heaven for vengeance. Would he have been left for any longer, the dog would have collapsed from exhaustion, but fortunately help came just in time.


When poor Moose was found by veterinarians, the dog was extremely dehydrated, hungry, confused and completely terrified. Abandoned by his owner, to whom he gave his whole dog heart, he didn’t know what was happening… The case was reported to the police, and the insensitive woman faced the justice system.


Although Alyssa pleaded guilty at the hearing, she probably didn’t quite understand that she had left the dog to die. She commented the case saying:

It was only a week.


When Judge Michael Cicconetti, preparing for his judgment, familiarized himself with the conditions in which the female dog was left in by the woman, he became very upset. The house was dirty, neglected, had an unpleasant smell and generally looked like a dumpster. Even for an animal it wasn’t a decent place. As the man is known for his unique and pertinent penalties, that are perfect lessons for those convicted, he also found an adequate activity for Alyssa.


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