This little baby elephant has been in the world for only a few weeks and already had time to capture the hearts of people online all around the world!

Small is beautiful. And if it has trunk and thinks it’s a puppy that can easily fit on your lap, it’s the sweetest and best in the world.

The following video shows the antics of a small elephant, which is so cute that it’s hard to resist his charms. It hugs people and climbs onto their knees and apparently would like to be another species. And although the overall dimensions don’t really look like a dog, he copes well with this role.


I don’t know about you, but I am very keen on making friends with this cutie, especially since it has not yet reached the size of an adult elephant. For some time, his delightful attempts of getting on a lap will become a bit more dangerous, but now you can look at it fondly :).

If you are looking for reasons to smile, this video will at least provide you with one Watch it now!