This little orang-utan was held its entire life in a tiny coop. After setting him free, something happened that warmed my heart…

When the employees of the International Animal Rescue saw Budi for the first time, they couldn’t believe the conditions this little thing had to live in. The small orang-utan was held from birth in a small and dirty chicken coop. Before getting to the centre, he was held there for at least ten months.

He was fed condensed milk. His owner explained, that she didn’t give him fruit because she didn’t want to harm him. His belly was bulging from hunger and his joints were very misconfigured from malnutrition. He couldn’t even sit by himself. While being released tears gathered in the poor things eyes… Later he reacted like that many times.


Each time the doctors touched him, he screamed and cried because of the pain. It sounds improbable, but it’s true. You can see eye’s being overcome with emotion on the video.

If it weren’t for the fast help from the organization, Budi would definitely not survive such difficult conditions.