This loving father wanted to help his sick daughter. He went to jail for it!

Adam Koessler a brave father who lives in Australia. He spends every day taking care of his sick daughter Rumer, who’s suffering from neuroblastoma which has a mortality rate as high as 50%!

The loving father has tried various therapies, but none of them have been effective. To help her in the fight against cancer, Adam began to give his child hemp oil.


It has been proven that the extract of these plants have medicinal properties. People around Adam thought it a very risky method. Koessler, however, decided to take a chance. It paid off! The girl’s state finally began to improve!


Her stomach stopped hurting and she finally began to gain weight. Unfortunately, possessing a cannabinoid oil is banned in Australia. Koessler was arrested. He was also banned from having contact with his sick daughter.


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