This luxury camper cost 2.5 million dollars! Guess which Hollywood star it belongs to

The United States is a huge country, so traveling by camper is quite popular here. One’s own house on wheels gives one lot of privacy, freedom and independence, so it is no wonder that Hollywood stars willingly buy such vehicles.

One of the celebrities of American cinema who has decided to purchase a campre is Will Smith. The actor known for such blockbuster hits as “The Independence Day,” “I Am A Legend” and “Men in Black”, treated himself to an extremely luxury car, which cost $2.5m together with equipment. See for yourself if you like luxury for such a price.


Will Smith’s Camper coudl be seen on the television program “Celebrity Motor Homes.” The impressive machine was described by designer Mackenzie Anderson of Anderson Mobile Estates, who knows everything about it and was responsible for fulfilling the wishes of the actor. As a result, one of the most exclusive mobile homes came to life, filled with fancy leather, rare wood and gold.

The camper moves on 22 wheels and has an area of 111.5 square meters (133 square yards).

The vehicle is a two-storey one and gained the nickname “Heat”.

How does the camper look like inside? Visit the following pages, and you will find out!