This man cheated on his wife and decided to divorce her. A few days later, he noticed that something disturbing began happening to her…

Today, divorce is not uncommon, but the parting of this man and his wife was different than all others. It started quite “ordinarily”. The man fell in love with another woman and decided to leave his wife.

He quickly realized the mistake he had made, but it was too late. If you want to know what happened next, read the following story. We assume that tissues may be necessary!


I came home from work. My wife, as usual, gave me dinner. I took her hand and said: “I want a divorce.” At first I was nervous. She calmly asked why I want to leave her. My answer was quite evasive, which led her to rage. She threw a plate and yelled, “You’re not a real man!” . We did not talk at all that night. She cried the whole time. I knew the reason failed marriage, but I could not tell her the truth. I fell in love with Jane, and felt nothing for her. I was just sorry for her!


With a sense of guilt I showed her the divorce papers. I left my wife the house, a car and a 30% stake in the company. She looked at me angrily and tore all the documents. The woman I spent 10 years of my life with was now a stranger for me. I was sorry that it all had to end, but I could not do it any other way. In the end, my wife burst into loud tears. She did it just now, but I had expected such a reaction from the very beginning. The divorce had just become more realistic for her.

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