This man probably embarrassed all scientists. He didn’t eat or drink for 75 years! The doctors say it’s a real miracle!

Jogin Prahlad Jani proved that you could live without eating or drinking. Because of this, he’s confused a lot of scientists, who try to prove that he is a fraud at all costs. Jani however didn’t lie!

When he was seven years old he left his family home and went out traveling in search of “enlightenment”. Not long after that, he supposedly had a vision of three goddesses: Ma Kali, Ma Lakshmi, and Ma Saraswati. The holy figures gave the man some miraculous nectar, which he lived off of. He states that from that time, he hasn’t felt neither hunger nor thirst.


Doctors, who couldn’t believe in the Jogin’s story, got interested in his case. They tested him in a specialized clinic, and a camera was monitoring his every step. The entire surveillance system was for nothing! It turned out, that Jani was speaking the truth. During the entire time he hasn’t had anything to eat or drink, and in spite of that his body hasn’t shown any symptoms of starvation or dehydration. Moreover the tests show that his biological age is 25 years old! How is this possible? So far no one can explain it!


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