This Man Uses Bananas In A Very Unusual Way. When I Saw It, I Was Filled With Envy!

What do you think when you see a banana? Probably you think about its taste – depending on whether you like these fruits or not, you receive them either positively or negatively.

For the Dutch artist Stephan Brusche bananas are not only tasty morsels – that is the material to create works of art that are – unstable – but memorable. Fortunately, thanks to photography, we can keep them longer and enjoy in the comfort of our own home – and it is a sight to behold.


Stephen does not need many tools to his work – apart from banana there are only a knife, a pen and a needle, or items that each of us usually has at hand or to which we have unlimited access. 2

Imagination and talent are also very important – I would never think that it is possible to create Marilyn Monroe from an ordinary banana.