This New York singer should be on in the biggest stages of the world, yet he gives concerts… on the subway!

One of the most respected contemporary musical talents is the musical talent. Top singers are surrounded by crowds of fans and earn millions, though many of them lack musical abilities and many of their voices are silenced by the omnipresent electronic sounds in their music videos.

It can happen that someone lucky, well positioned or genuinely confident will succeed more than those less talented. Fortunately, we live in a time of powerful social media, a talent worthy of praise and gratuities will sooner or later be discovered, leading to a dramatic change in his life.


The New Yorker, Michael Young, is one hell of a singer. The man is known to a rather narrow audience, specifically the fans of his band, the Majestic K Funk (playing R & B, Soul and Funk). Beyond a doubt, his fame should be much greater as his singing epitomizes both lightness and sincerity.

Michael loves music and is grateful to God for his gift.

Recently, Michael gave a mini recital at the subway station. The musician sang a beautiful song from the “Ghost” movie, titled „Unchained Melody” and published in 1965 by The Righteous Brothers. The New Yorker’ voice could long be described, but it is best to listen to him to get the full scope of his vocal talent.

After all, such a subway performance does not happen every day.