This newborn baby was abandoned. When nurses looked under the blanket which was covering the child, their emotional reaction left them speechless!

A child is a huge gift from God, but not all parents take it as a joyful experience. Sometimes, pregnancy is unplanned and becomes a huge problem. It can happen that young mothers, who haven’t yet grown up to their new role, decide to give the baby up for adoption, or worse, abandon their child.

When a child is born disabled, raising them is even more challenging. Some are not able to meet their needs and decide to opt out of being a father and a mother.


Gabe Adams was born in Brazil. Unfortunately, he didn’t have an easy life. As a newborn, he was abandoned because of a disability – he had no hands or feet. Wrapped in a blanket, he was found by nurses. They were very moved when they saw the state that he was in. Everyone thought that a sad future in an orphanage awaited him.


One day, a miracle happened. A woman from Utah decided to adopt him. Janelle Adams found out about the boy by accident. She walked into a store and saw a picture of Gabe with a description of his sad life story.

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