This offended dog amused almost 2 million Internet users. His face will make you laugh, too

Animals, like people, have their moods. When something does not fit them or when they simply are offended, they avoid contact with their owner. However, there are dogs that can manifest their dissatisfaction by an eloquent silence.

Why can the dog feel offended by its owner? This one was angry about the deception which brought the dog to the vet. Mere vaccination, not to mention a procedure, can really spoil a dog’s day. This just happened to a certain Boxer. The dog decided that it will not pretend to be happy but that he will show his owner that the situation does not suit him.


The Boxer’s owner recorded the pet as he stands in one of the cages at a veterinary clinic. There would be nothing amusing in it if not for the dog’s temperamental face. With a calm and fiery face, he stands by the window and eyeballs his owner.

He must not be happy that he is being picked up.

Looking at the offended dog makes you feel that he must be thinking that revenge will be sweet. We hope the pet got over his anger. See how a really angry dog looks like.

The sulking master.