This old man saved almost 400 attempted suicide victims by asking them a simple question. His effectiveness is a knockout!

South Wales in Australia is a very beautiful and picturesque area. Unfortunately it also has a darker side. The Gap is located in South Wales and a favorite place for self-killers. People throw themselves off of it for various reasons. It is estimated that approximately one person per week dies there.

There are as many people as there are stories. Sometimes they are struggling with financial problems, sometimes they suffer from unrequited love or a serious illness. They cannot cope with the problems and decide for the simplest solution.


Fortunately, 84-year-old Don Ritchie lives near the cliff. He tries to dissuade the depressed from taking their own life by all his might. You have to admit that it goes quite well. To date, he saved almost 400 lives!

The rocky cliff, The Gap. One of the favorite places for self-killers in Australia.

He greets them with a warm smile and ask one quick question. What does he ask about? Read about this on the next page.