This performance kept everyone in suspense and showed what true passion, perfectionism and professionalism mean

Everyone dreams of fame and money, but such honors and luxuries should belong only to those who had to earn it. Such people are i.e.surely a pair of dancers-acrobats from the Ukraine.

“I have talent” there bears no restrictions as to the subject of the performance. Frequently, people are singing and dancing. A large group of magicians, athletes and others craftsmen perform as well. Acrobats who show the boundaries of the human body and the imagination of the artist attract particular attention.


The Ukrainian judges and the audience were captivated by a couple of acrobats. The men and women have performed a passionate dance to the Lara Fabian piece “Je t’aime” (I love you). The dancers delighted by the precision level of their figures as well as their technique. They created an unusual atmosphere during this performance, and kept the audience in suspense to the last second as it watched blood-freezing figures of a high degree of dager.

This pair of acrobats definitely loves what they do.

The performance of the Ukrainian pair also showed just how much trust counts for acrobats. Only hundreds of hours of exercise and intense training sessions can make people entrust each other with their life and health and achieve the desired artistic effect.

We hope that the pair has reached great success.