This pet charmed millions of internet users. Meet Thor – an oriental male cat with a beautiful spotted coat

The Bengal cat is an amazing breed with its origin in the United States. Bengals are crossbreeds of a domestic cat with a wild Bengal cat. They are classified as one of the most beautiful furry creatures in the world and there’s no doubt about it, because they do look quite fabulous.

What sets them apart is their friendly nature and strong bond with their owners. They love children and playing with them as well. They’re very energetic animals that like the company of other species. They are very intelligent and it’s easy to teach them how to fetch and respond to their name.

In recent days, the internet was taken over by a beautiful Bengal cat named Thor. Take a look at the cat and what his owner has to say about him.


I definitely feel like a maid. Whenever he opens his mouth, I’m ready to serve him.

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