This picture divided the internet! Can you see the ghost?

The question of life after death and what awaits everyone after death is so complicated that this can be said: there are as many opinions as there are people. Some preach religious theories, saying that when the body dies, the soul goes on a journey to hell or heaven.

Each religion has different views on the subject. There are also supporters of the theory that there’s neither hell nor heaven, but only emptiness and nothingness. Therefore, when a photo with a ghost floods the internet, instantly there are those who say that the photo has been edited, that someone is having a laugh at the expense of others, as well as people who believe that it’s proof of life beyond the grave and existence of the soul.


Discussions once again flared up when a picture of an accident scene appeared on the internet. Just above the man’s hat, in the center of the photo, you can see a ghost! The white shadow shaped like a man awakened internet users to talk about it. Some argue that this is eyewitness evidence that shows how the soul is leaving a body. There are those who are skeptical and in their opinion it’s just a shadow of a tree or lighter colored shrub.

People see what they want to see. Who’s right?


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