This picture shows that parents are able to do everything for their children

Being a dad 24 hours a day, 7 days a week isn’t easy. When a child gets sick, a parent always focuses all their attention on them, so that the issue is adequately addressed. Each moment begins to become longer in time and full of worries about the child’s condition. 

Andre Palmer is a working father, what’s more, he works night shifts, so that in the morning after returning home he can help his children pack to school, and only when they’re ready, does he go to sleep.


Recently, Palmer’s son got sick, so his father, instead of preparing him for a day at kindergarten, visited the emergency room. A decision was made that the child must stay in the hospital pediatrics ward. While waiting for the IV to finish, the man, tired because of his night shifts, fell asleep next to the child’s bed, just to be close by.

His wife took a picture and posted it to a social networking site and wrote:

This is the sight of a hard-working man devoted to his family. After working all night, he’s in the hospital with his son. He’s extremely tired, but he’s here! The award for father of the year goes to Andre Palmer. I love you more than words can say, darling!

Amy wasn’t surprised by her husband’s behavior, as she says that her husband does everything for her and their children.