This picture unleashed a storm on the internet. The elephant died of exhaustion, carrying tourists!

An elephant named Sambo, fell to the ground and died while carrying tourists to the temple of Angkor Wat (Cambodia). It was found that the 40-year-old animal died of a heart attack. For 15 years he had been forced to work long hours in 100-degree heat.

On that day the weather was without any wind at all, and the animal had to complete a 40-minute route with two people on his back.

He did not make it and died in front of a crowd which had gathered. One of the witnesses – Yema Sanok posted an image of the dead animal on Facebook, and at the same time, begun a campaign against the use of elephants in tourism. The initiative received wide coverage, and the photograph was shared more than 8,000 times. Many internet users also filled out a petition, which will hopefully affect the carriers from Siem Reap and they’ll stop exploiting the elephants in such a cruel way.

If you also want to join the campaign, visit the website You will find a link below!  


To meet the high demand for elephants in the tourism industry, small animals are separated from their mothers and subjected to the so-called breaking procedure. You can read more about that here.


Rather than move freely in their natural environment, these highly intelligent animals live in captivity and are forced to work in harsh conditions. Fill out the petition to help them! -> PETITION.


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