This picture went viral. The cause of the tragedy was quickly explained, but it’s still very hard to understand the sheer power of Nature

The forces of nature are powerful and unpredictable. Gale winds, storms and powerful bolts of lightings remind people just how destructive Mother Nature can be. She just confirmed her power he gave to know in August in central Norway.

In the mountain regions, 323 wild reindeer, including 70 young calves, were killed by lightning. The Norwegian Environmental Protection Agency recently revealed shocking images to prove that. They show hundreds of dead animals scattered over a small area of the Hardangervidda plateau


Five animals did not die right away, but had to be euthanized following serious injuries. The agency’s spokesman, Kjartan Knutsen, said that the reindeer are at times struck by lightning, but it never occurred on such a large scale. During bad weather, these animals usually keep tight in their herd.
That’s what caused so many of them the die. It turned out that it was the largest documented animal mass death by lightning. So far, a similar case occurred in 2005 in Australia. Then, the lightning dazzled 68 cows.


Hardangervidda is the largest national park in Norway and the largest plateau in Europe. An estimated 10,000 wild reindeer live there. That is about 1/3 of the total population of these animals in Norway.

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