This pig is more famous than all the dancers on YouTube!

When there’s a new hit from a well-known singer, the number of views of such a hit goes into the millions. Although usually this type of hit is based on a trivial and short text, which is complemented by a music video.

This, however, doesn’t prevent the song from became a hit and assuring the singer millions more in their bank account.


In the beginning of March, Rihanna’s video went online, which has become a hit. The growing number of views is the best example. Videos are uploaded online in which different people dance to the song. it’s very popular and you can see videos not only of professional dancers, but also dancers who are beginners and even children.

Now, a very popular dance is called twerk. it’s increasingly being shown and copied mainly by girls. However, all these dancers are nothing compared to the performance below. It might not be very long, but it certainly summarizes the merit of twerking and brilliantly cheers you up.

See for yourself how the short compilation can cheer you up for the day. And after seeing it, be sure to share it with your friends.