This poor boy was dumped by a rich girl. After 10 years, they met again…

A boy that was raised in a not-so-rich family fell in love head over heels with a girl from a rich household. She stirred his head so much that he quickly decided to propose to her. The rich girl practically immediately turned him down and made fun of him saying:

Don’t expect me to marry someone like you. I’ll never love you. I’ll find a man on my level.


The girl treated him really brutally, yet in spite of this, he never forgot her. Some 10 years later they met by accident in a mall. The boy looked at her with tears in his eyes. He reminded himself of the moments they’ve lived through and how she declined his proposal. He didn’t say a word to her

A moment later, her husband came alongside her. The man recognized our hero right away and said.

– Good Morning! I see you’ve met my wife!

– Hello! – he replied quietly.

– I’d like you to meet my boss. He’s the author of a 100 million dollar project we happen to be working on.

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