This puzzle has been waiting 200 years for a solution! And it’s still not solved!

In 1835, a farmer in Kent, England, was working in the field. When digging in the ground, his shovel hit something. Back then he didn’t know that he had found the riddle that remains unsolved for centuries. The rumour quickly spread and more and more people started visiting this place.

One day a teacher came onto the field with his son. They put the little boy on a rope harness and lowered him down to the excavated hole with a candle in hand to see what there was down there.


When he came out he told about a room made of shells which were carefully and precisely arranged in patterns covered all surfaces.


Later it was possible to enlarge the hole and also adults could see what was underground. It turned out that it wasn’t just one cell, but a whole housing system – the rotunda, hallway, altar and chamber. Everything decorated with shells!


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