This seemingly ordinary pepper grinder has incredible power: it cuts Wi-Fi and disconnects applications! Here’s the latest gadget meant to create a family atmosphere at the table

Eating together is precious and worth appreciating. For decades, dinner was a time when families could all come together, spending quality time with each other and talking.

Eating meals together builds stronger ties and creates a more homey atmosphere. Unfortunately, fewer and fewer families eat together, and the reason for this is in large part due to electronics.

Addiction to tablets, smartphones, and wireless internet is increasing. People hardly ever put their phones down and have a hard time putting them away, even during a meal with their close ones. Detaching from the virtual world is most difficult for youth.

The collapse or traditional family meals and the dependence on the internet and various applications, was noticed by the company Dolmio, a company that produces pasta sauces. As a result, they produced a unique pepper grinder, which not only grinds spice, but also rebuilds a family atmosphere at the table.

More on the technology-fighting grinder on the following pages, where you’ll also see a video showing the reactions of the first families who have made use of this revolutionary device.