This severely ill kitten was wandering alone in the street ignored by people. And then a seven year old girl did something amazing!

This little sick kitten appeared one day on a street in Istanbul, Turkey. Ugly and crippled, it was ignored by all the inhabitants – passed unnoticed, no one stopped to help him. Suffering, lonely in the middle of the city because of its unattractive appearance – it was sentenced to certain death.

And when it seemed that no one would help, this little girl came to the rescue.

This seven-year-old took the kitten from the street to her father, with whom she brought the pet to the hospital for animals. There, after examination, it turned out that apart from the mouth deformation, the animal also has muscle paralysis. The doctor decided to take care of pet, but immediately said that successful therapy needed a miracle…


The little kitten was in a really awful state, most likely because it was wandering down the street where no one stopped to help it for days on end.


Very paralysed, with a deformed snout, the kitten didn’t look nice, but it was a living creature that didn’t hurt anybody and deserved some pity!


It’s hard to imagine that no one was interested in his fate. Fortunately, there was this one girl with a big heart. The vet and nurses did everything they could to at least partially reconstruct the damaged mouth and restore its strength.