This slimy twisted chord on the yolk is more important than you’d think! Can you guess what it means?

Eggs are a mandatory part of people’s diets around the world. We all eat them, but it turns out that there is still little we know about them. From time to time, the internet is filled with theories, which aren’t always true.

When we want to make scrambled eggs and begin to crack open the eggs onto the pan, we see the egg white and egg yolk with a not-so-much appetizing white chord attached to it.


Many people believe that it’s a chicken embryo and therefore are disgusted and don’t want to eat it. This is not true! This white thread is called a chalaza, and its job is to keep the egg cell (egg yolk) in a fixed position. The thread can safely be consumed, but people often throw it away, deeming it a not very appetizing part of the egg.




What can the chalaza tell us about an egg which we’re about to eat? It turns out that a lot, but more on that on the next page!