This small thing almost vanished during a hurricane, and now is part of the family!

Two years ago, hurricane Isaac hit the shores of Louisiana around New Orleans, which caused a lot of damage and the death of 44 people even though it was only a 1st degree hurricane. People were horrified that seven years after the devastating Katrina, they will be left without a roof over their heads again. The damage wasn’t only felt by people, but animals also living in this area.

The colossal winds that were in the area threatened the life of a small squirrel, who was saved by the residents of a nearby home. Thanks to this it has become a member of the family, and in addition, it’s also very photogenetic.

Jill is two years old and a sweet adorable squirrel.


Jill and the person who saved her now live together and are best friends.


Since she was adopted, the small squirrel became a celebrity on Instagram.



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