This Surprised Everyone! A Pack Of Stray Dogs Appeared On The Funeral Of A Woman

Gratitude is not a feature that can be attributed only to people. Sometimes animals can be more grateful than animals. A Mexican woman Margarita Suarez was a great animal friend – especially of those without a house.

The animals didn’t forget about her kindness even after her death.


Margarita was known in her town as a great animals lover. Every day, she gave food to several stray dogs that regularly gathered at her door. In her purse, apart from the lipstick and wallet, you could always find numerous bags of food. Margarita had it always with her and often fed stray animals. In this way, she gained a lot of four-legged friends.


Friends who were able to show their gratitude. The family of this woman was shocked when a group of stray dogs appeared in the chapel, where they kept her body. Also a bird mourner came a few minutes later.