This sweet kitten is trying to save his owner from a bath. Its attention is adorable

Cats are afraid of water and avoid it like the plague. When you need to bathe your furry friend, it begins to wreak havoc, defending itself by all its might.

An evening hot foam bath is a great relaxation tool for the human being. One can then relax and forget about one’s problems. Cats don’t share this perspective. The same holds true for a cute white kitten which panicked when his owner was taking a bath.


While the woman lay down in the bathtub, the cat appeared in the bathroom.. He looked at the tub and meowed continually so the owner decided to record it. It quickly became clear that her furry friend wanted to grab her hand and pull her out of the tub. The devoted pet even jumped on the rant of the tub and leaned over the surface of the water to grab the hand of his beloved mistress.

In his opinion, a bath is a terrible thing, so he decided to run for her life.

This cat expressed genuine concern for his owner. It was even terrified. Its tenacity caused the woman to finish her bath hastily, since relaxation wasn’t quite possible amidst the all the meowing.

Such a caring kitten is one to treasure!