This sweet monkey was abandoned by her biological mother. Surprisingly, a completely different pet started taking care of her…

Animal behavior will always be a mystery for people, because it tends to be unpredictable and sometimes significantly different from what is believed to be normal for a particular species. One such strange behavior is the abandonment of the young by female mammals.

A birth at the zoo is a time of celebration for its employees, as breeding animals in captivity isn’t easy. No wonder that the caretakers and veterinarians from a Russian zoo were overjoyed when an adorable monkey came into the world. Unfortunately, the animal’s mother abandoned her and the baby monkey was left all alone. The zoo’s director found a solution to the difficult situation.


The woman took the abandoned monkey to her home, where she lives with a cat named Rosinka. Filled with anxiety, she let the animals get to know each other and to her surprise, the 16 -year-old cat immediately accepted the monkey as a new member of the household, and surrounded her with motherly care. Now the monkey doesn’t leave her adoptive mother’s side, and the cat nurtures and keeps the youngster safe.

Isn’t this sight adorable?

As the events from Russia show, animals are able to help each other, especially newborns, even if they’re not of the same species. Unfortunately, the female cat won’t be able to care for the monkey all by herself, because without having young of her own she can’t produce milk. That’s why the zoo’s director is responsible for feeding the monkey, giving her food from a syringe.

This monkey was lucky to have met Rosinka.