This teen had 232 extra teeth removed. You won’t believe how much time he spent in a dental chair!

Most people don’t like visiting the dentist. It’s an unpleasant but necessary part of life, which we unfortunately have to go through. What would you say if you had to have 232 teeth pulled and spend seven hours in a dental chair? Such a case recently happened in India.

17-year-old Ashik Garai had been feeling severe pain in the lower jaw for eighteen months. He visited the doctor in his village, but he wasn’t able to properly diagnose or treat him. Eventually, he began to swell horribly and his father took him to a hospital in Mumbai.


There it turned out that Ashik is suffering from a type of benign tumor – odontoma. Doctors proceeded to remove the unnecessary teeth-like growths, but this wasn’t an easy task. Doctors struggled with them for nearly seven hours. A hammer and chisel were also used in the process.


I haven’t seen anything like this in my 30-year career. The largest number of teeth removed in a case like this one was 37. Ashik was diagnosed with cancer in the lower jaw and dozens of teeth had to be pulled out – said the chief surgeon, Vandana Thorawade.


Fortunately, the doctors managed to rescue the bone structure and the surgery shouldn’t have left any sign of it ever having occurred. After 7 hours, the teenager had only 28 teeth and a big reason to smile.