This trailer looks better than a lot of houses. Find out who and why they decided to live in it

For over half of their life people work to earn money for their own apartment or house, which for many is the ultimate dream. Often the need to purchase a convenient place is associated with having a family and the desire to provide them with comfortable living conditions. But does it make sense to keep a big house after the kids move out and start their own families? It is worth thinking about an alternative for this eventuality.

Situations where children move out and the parents are the only two people left in a spacious house isn’t uncommon. This isn’t a comfortable situation for many reasons, from economic reasons to emotional ones. What do you do to avoid the problem of being left in old age with a big house and taking care of it? An interesting solution was thought of by Michelle J. Boyle, who bought an old trailer in advance and systematically repaired it.

Through the efforts of Michelle, a simple trailer was turned into an extraordinary house.


Michelle, when deciding to purchase a trailer, though ahead far into the future. She had in mind the fact that in a few years, the children are going to grow up and will want to start their own families, and she will be left alone in a big house. In such a situation, with a comfortable trailer that’s ready for living in, she can leave the children with a spacious brick house that meets their needs. So, all family members will be able to live in such conditions that will be most suitable for their situation.

The remodeling of the trailer was time-consuming, but allowed for the creation of a cozy apartment.