This video was watched by over 8 million people! See for yourself, what horror was recorded by a camera in a child’s room

Parents out of concern for their children, more and more often install cameras in their rooms to know what was actually happening with their child. The image and sound recording was also in the room of several-months-old Connor, and the recording of it scared millions of people who are worried that the toddler was possessed.

The video uploaded on YouTube shows the child’s room at night. The camera is set on a crib of boy who wakes up at night, and unable to sleep he begins to cry. With every second the sobbing boy becomes more and more hysterical. Connor starts screaming and desperately calls mom. Unfortunately, the parents do not come, and the things that happen next are very puzzling.


The grieving child climbs on the guard rail. For a moment he stands on it and screams shrilly with his arms outstretched to the front. After balancing on the edge for a while Connor falls and disappears! You can hear only his crying. Parents do not show up, and the recording ends.

What happened to the boy?


Opinions on what the film shows are divided. Some believe that a supernatural intervention took place, resulting in the boy’s inexplicable disappearance. Others think that the recording was fabricated to make a sensation in the Internet. The last group of people, without seeking either magic or fraud, are convinced that Connor just fell so unfortunately, that he flew between separated rungs under the mattress and landed under the bed, which is supposed to be proven by his continued crying.

The recording awakened a lot of excitement among netizens.


The recording is strange and not of the best quality, so all the scenarios are to some degree probable. Not only the question of what happened remain unanswered, but it is also about the parents: where was the mother or father? Why didn’t they come running to the sobbing boy? It all makes the video work on a viewer’s imagination. And you, what do you think: is this a stupid joke or the intervention of an unknown force? We advise to seek answers in other recordings available on YouTube

You can see the disappearance in about the fortieth second.


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