This woman collects the stumps of turned over tress and makes fantastic things out of them! The things that come out on them are amazing!

Over time, art evolves and gains more and more meaning. For many people it comes out in different ways. What some people think is vandalism, others consider to be a show of real talent. So, because of this diversity, everyone can find something for themselves.

For the average teenager, who isn’t interested in the works of past masters, could easily say: Yes, this is something for me, while deepening themselves in that art. Young people are more eagerly trying out experimentation and trying out their talents. Some paint on walls, others try photography, and even others find themselves in surrealist composition. Remember, it might be something we think of today as stupid and lacking any sense, but over time could become one of the well-recognized works of someone who will be inspiring future generations.

The New York artist Alison Moritsugu paints beautiful landscapes on cut tree stumps, which show the beauty of nature around us. Her works are quickly becoming popular among many people all over the world, who eagerly look at her works awestruck by the extraordinary form of presenting her work. You can see some of them here.